HR Consulting

CenterPointHR recognizes that organizations are unique and have different HR needs.  CenterPointHR provides customized solutions to an organization based upon the organization’s business needs. We work with small and medium sized business to solve a variety of human resources challenges that surface  throughout the employee life cycle. For businesses with no HR support - we can become your HR Department.  For larger organizations with an HR team, we can partner with the team to enhance their productivity and/or handle spillover projects.  From HR audits, policy and handbook development to employee relations assistance, we tailor our services to meet the client's needs. 

HR Compliance

CenterPointHR works with the organization to ensure that all employment practices are in compliance with state and federal requirements, as well as internal policies.

Job Descriptions
FLSA Compliance
Files and Records Maintenance
EEO Requirements
Immigration Requirements
Health and Safety
Employment Status
Privacy Protection
Family Medical and Leave Act
Americans with Disabilities Act
Hiring Practices

Employee Relations

CenterPointHR works with organizations to create policies and programs that establish a consistent framework in handling employee relations challenges.

Management Coaching

Throughout the regular course of services, CenterPointHR provides regular on-the-job, coaching for the management staff to aid in the understanding and practical application of HR generalist principles. 

Training & Development

CenterPointHR works with organizations to determine training goals and desired results, develops curriculums, and delivers associated training. Our training programs are customized to meet the client's needs.  Training topics are numerous and include leadership topics such as interviewing skills, conducting performance reviews and building effective teams.  We also have numerous compliance training programs including harassment free workplace and  violance free workplace trainings.  

HR Outsourcing

Do you have employees?  If so, you need HR services.  Your business may not have the need for a full-time HR person, so let us be your professional team!  We can become your trusted HR department and handle all your HR needs! 
Additional Services Offered
  1. Professional Speaking
  2. Employee Handbooks
  3. HR360